ADD: Informal Assessment and Support

If you are think you may be dealing with symptoms of Attention Deficit Order (ADD), and are a current client of David or Cindy, support is available through Perspectives Counselling:

Assessment Session: $150 plus GST (Cindy) or $170 plus GST (David)
Informal Assessment and Written Report (Optional): $300 plus GST (Cindy only)

Ongoing Counselling Support: $150 plus GST (Cindy) or $170 plus GST (David)

David and Cindy Darwin base their support of clients with ADD on the pioneering work of Dr. Daniel G. Amen. Dr. Amen has conducted extensive research using Brain SPECT Imaging. Brain SPECT Imaging is an in-depth way to assess brain health that has been unanimously endorsed by the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (CANM) for the evaluation of many common psychiatric and neurologic indications. Brain SPECT Imaging is helpful in diagnosing ADD; it is available through Amen Clinics in the United States. Another effective option for comprehensively assessing ADD is the questionnaire, based on the findings of Brain SPECT Imaging, which David and Cindy use in their work with clients. 

If you'd like further information on being informally assessed for ADD, please talk to either David or Cindy.

Please note: because the management of ADD requires ongoing follow-up for several months, informal assessment is available as adjunct support, and only to current clients.

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