Testimonials, David

Partner 1: "We saw David for marital counselling. Even now, we are finding the strategies and perspectives from EFT that David helped to implement are continuing to have a positive impact on our relationship. We have a hard time imagining our relationship before our time with David. It's not perfect, but it's much improved. We would also like to add that we found comfort in David's caring, non-judgmental approach.  Partner 2: David was able to quickly identify the source of our relationship concerns and offered tools that helped right away. Using the EFT principles that we learned has meant that we see marital conflicts as struggles to connect, rather than placing blame on ourselves or one another. We have learned to connect with one another in a deeper way and our relationship is far stronger as a result."

"Thank you, thank you to David Darwin for giving me back my old self!!!"

"I was suffering from depression and anxiety and going to David gave me the confidence that I would get better! He related to me in the kindest way! He was VERY understanding and REALLY listened and gave me the tools to get better."

"He taught me methods that worked and were very easy to do (i.e., breathing in and out slowly to change the course of my brain; when feeling anxiety, do something different for 15 minutes; rest when I get tired; be not afraid to say no to others so that I would not get overwhelmed). One of the best things he told me was if I have a tired day or two, to go with it because I would come out of it! Knowing that took away my guilt for not living up to my usual high standards."

"My husband attended each session with me and wrote out everything David told me and then reminded me to take deep breaths, etc."

"I have gotten SO much better. I fell like my old self. I love life again and am able to do all the things that I wanted to do but couldn't before . . . . I am SO very grateful to David. Besides being a GREAT therapist, he is a very kind and wonderful man!"

"I found David when I believed anxiety and fear were controlling me. Everyday was a struggle. Even taking my son to hockey practice. David gave me a clear map to changing my relationship to these thoughts and feelings so that they won't control me anymore . . . . I have my life back. I would recommend this kind, supportive, generous, empathetic, patient therapist to my closest friends and family. He will help."

After several failed attempts to get counselling, we found the help we needed from David . . . . From the first time, we were given tools to communicate and grow together as a couple, instead of pushing each other away. He coached us as we practiced our new skills, pushed us out of our comfort zones, and yet was able to help us shift gears when we got overwhelmed."

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