Testimonials, Cindy

"I can manage anxiety with or without my partner. My grief no longer controls my life. I am gentler with myself, understanding that my childhood shaped some of my thoughts and behaviours. I have the power to change this. You are by far the most talented and professional counsellor I have worked on myself with." 
- A, university student

"I am in control of my mind, my body, and my reactions to my life . . . . I can physically feel that I am no longer living on high alert. My mind does not dwell on or repeat continually the concerns I had prior to seeing you. You have a gift--the ability to connect and understand others."   
K, mortgage broker, wife, mom

"I am feeling much more centred and have come to terms with the event that brought me in and processing the fall-out. Cindy, you are amazing, and your knowledge, empathy, and compassion helped me immensely."     
K, lawyer

"My anxiety has greatly decreased and I feel more certain about my choice. I am also relieved to know that I can change my mind at any time, about any decision. I feel lighter, positive, and excited for my future, as opposed to anxious and worried. Cindy, you've helped me once again. I truly appreciate your support and guidance at these stages in my life. You are a fantastic person and counsellor! Thank you!     
T, nurse

"I was not always feeling prepared with what I wanted to deal with, but Cindy never made me feel that way. Conversation just flowed. What I liked best about the sessions was that there was always a short recap at the end, which helped me to see and feel a successful outcome each time.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone, and would come back again myself as need arose. Thank you."     
S, dental receptionist

"I absolutely appreciated our time together. You helped me so much. I felt so empowered and so heard and gained so much strength in myself throughout our sessions."     
J, massage practitioner

"Cindy cared about me inside and outside of the sessions. I loved seeing results within myself and I love the connection I have made with Cindy."     
T, university student

"Where to start. I really and truly looked forward to my sessions every week. Gaining an understanding behind my choices and ways of thinking was incredibly beneficial to me and it was maybe one of the best takeaways, because it allowed me to see past habits and feelings I didn't know existed within me. I would also say the feeling of being heard and understood from an unbiased point of view was enlightening. Lastly, the opportunity to speak about my struggle (out loud) and answer specific questions regarding those struggles really gave me clarity about how I was feeling very deep down."     
T, clothing designer

"Having to bring up painful memories, but then learning from the experience was good . . . . I again want to thank you for your compassion and thoughtfulness. It definitely helped me through a very tough emotional time."     
B, office administrator

"What I liked best about sessions: having a space where I feel 100% trust. Having someone really care about how I feel, as well as all the hard work Cindy put in, to help me overcome my baggage. I will truly miss our sessions."     
J, university student

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